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NetRev Ventures

My joint-venture business management firm and marketing technology startup company


My digital business transformation consultancy and marketing agency.


My mission to help Filipinos start digital lifestyle businesses.


My Facebook business page where I share many different things.

LinkedIn Profile page

My professional profile on LinkedIn.

Start Your Digital Business Now

I have a lot of digital businesses and I’m currently focusing on my tech startup where we are developing marketing and technology platforms. My team and I have developed digital products like training programs and I also personally created some step by step guides. Let’s keep in touch on my blog and social media!

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Travel to Boracay During Pandemic

Travel to Boracay During Pandemic

It's officially our 2nd month in Iloilo City today! I have yet to create my blog post about our move to Iloilo but I will do that soon for sure! Anyway, I traveled to Boracay a couple of weeks ago with my sister and close friend from Iloilo City. Note that we all had...