NetRev Ventures is my holding company where I consolidated all my digital business ventures. I am passionate about Marketing and Technology that I build digital products and platforms to connect businesses to customers and brands to consumers. NetRev Ventures Inc. is a joint venture capital company too.

netrev marketing

Why NET-REV? Because our digital marketing agency will help you increase your company’s NET REVenue with this interNET REVolution! With almost 12 years of Digital Marketing experience, I have personally formulated our company’s 5 core marketing strategy that I believe can help any type of businesses in any industry. If you want to know more about it, feel free to visit NetRev Marketing website. See you there!


TxtCustomers is a Branded SMS solution tool we have that supports Mobile Marketing. Even if there are over 50 Million Filipinos who are now online and almost all of them are on Facebook, sending a text message is still the most effective direct marketing any company can do. But with many spam text messages, it’s getting hard to really gain the trust of the people if your company text if from random numbers. That is why TxtCustomers is made affordable for SME’s, so that not only large corporations can have access to this type of tool.

My love for FOOD and Digital Marketing resulted to putting up a social and mobile restaurant directory/ listing for all the Foodies like me. RestoHunt is basically a mobile responsive website listing for restaurants in Metro Manila. More than putting restaurants in our website, we also hold Food Photo contests, Restaurant events, Coupons, Dining deals, and more! And we also have a mobile app now available at Apple Store and Google Play!  Watch out for more exciting things!

manila internet marketingManila Internet Marketing (MIM) was founded in 2010. It is the first agency brand that I put up myself when I got tried of Affiliate Marketing and after my short stint at the corporate world when I came back to the Philippines. To this date, this brand still brings in leads and clients and still on top of Google for keywords such as internet marketing Philippines, internet marketing agency Philippines, internet marketing manila, manila internet marketing, and other related keywords. It’s exciting! My TOP clients and projects first discovered this website than my current company website. This brand remains to be our lead generator, mostly for our outsourced projects from overseas.

We have more brands! And this is to be updated later….