Let me help you build your Digital Business Strategy.

Your Online Presence

1. Review & Audit

Audit Your Digital Strategy

Never skip this step. We need to audit our digital strategy and online presence first before we can work on a new plan.

Review Your Plan

After the audit, let’s review the high-level plan and see what works and what doesn’t. 

Digital Asset Mapping

Know where your digital assets are. I’ve worked with clients that do too much things but they do not know where things are coming from. 

Identify Problems

Before we can improve our overall strategy, we need to identify the problems to know how we can resolve them. 

Photo: Working in the office. (Yes, I work in the office once in a while!) 

Photo: Strategy session with Australian Clients in Hong Kong.

The Game Plan

2. Strategy & Development

Create Your Digital Strategy

Once we have reviewed and audited your digital assets, plans, and strategies, it’s time to create a new one!

Brainstorm with Stakeholders

Brainstorming with stakeholders is important. We need to discuss our new strategies with Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance, HR, and Executive Teams. 

Develop A New Campaign

Once we have a high-level digital business strategy, we will create new campaigns to promote your products or services. 

Set Your Digital Budget

But of course, before we can execute, we will be working on a final budget for all digital campaigns and stick with it. 

Business Continuity 

3. Execution & Management

Set up your systems and technologies in place

Digital Business Transformation is about improving processes with technology and people. Once we’re ready for execution, we are going to set up your systems and technologies in place. 

Enable your team with technical skills

Most of Digital Transformation projects fail when people are not well equipped with the right technical skills. We are going to work with your team and do some training to help them move forward. 

Train and monitor for at least 6 months

We usually work with our clients on managing the projects. Once completed, we still need to make sure that the projects are well executed in the next 6 months. 

Review KPIs every 6 months

For clients who work with us on long-term projects, we do some audits and review every 6 months. 

Photo: Me at Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE.

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