It’s been a while since I last posted a blog, I have been very busy with the Product Development of our new digital products and platforms and I am very excited to launch them all in one big campaign this month! 

But first, I would like to show small business owners how to build their websites for less than ₱10,000. This is ideal for small businesses who want to have their own website for their local businesses. This is a ₱10,000 out of the pocket cost but you need to spend time yourself in creating your own website. This is ideal if you would rather spend time and save money instead of hiring a Website Developer.

Here are the things you need to know during the planning process where you need these things first: 

  • Domain – this is your businessname.com. 
  • Website hosting – this is what you need to put up your website on the internet. 
  • Content – what you are going to put on the website. Describe your company and your products if you do not have the budget for a writer. 
  • Payment system – if your website is e-commerce, I suggest to check out www.bux.ph. If you will use WordPress, you can easily connect it with WooCommerce. 

For domain and website hosting, I recommend Host Then Profit. Pay for 6 months and you get 6 months for free.

Once you have the domain and website hosting ready, the next step is to decide what platform you are going to build your website on. WordPress is the easiest to use and I recommend using Elegant Themes because you don’t need to code anymore! 

A lot of Business Owners want to create their own websites. There are many things to consider including maintenance and how you are going to promote them online, there’s social media, SEO, email marketing, etc. 

What I love about Host Then Profit is that it includes marketing tools and if you refer your family or friends who you think need a website, you will earn from it too! 

Hiring a Developer is definitely the easiest way to do it. You can get your website up and running in 2-3 weeks as long as you have the website content. 

If you want to get your website done by a professional, our rates at NetRev Marketing start at ₱35,000 or you can hire Freelance Web Developers within your budget. 

You might think why do you need a website if there are Facebook and Instagram. Simple, a website is your own asset and you can maximize it for retargeting, remarketing, and collecting customer information. It can also help you get found online via SEO plus it will make you look more professional. 

Once you have your website, you can also check out our Digital Marketing guide at www.netrevsme.com. We have amazing bonuses if you buy the guide today! 😉