I love Christmas. As an Entrepreneur and Marketer, I make money during the Christmas season. As a consumer, I spend money on Christmas buying gifts and attending Christmas parties and dinners.

Since the BER months are already here, people are starting to think about Christmas so let us talk about the most wonderful time of the year. Here in the Philippines, Christmas starts in September, if you know what I mean. Filipinos are starting to think of gifts and the malls are now playing Christmas songs.

As we are counting down the 100 days of Christmas, businesses are also preparing for Christmas. They are preparing for the upcoming company Christmas parties, Christmas promos, Christmas offers, and they are finding suppliers for Christmas giveaways to their loyal customers and consumers.

Our job as marketers, we help companies create a strategy that will help them sell more products and services. And with more companies capitalizing on Digital Marketing, we have over 45 Million Filipinos to target on the internet. What is your company doing to market to them?

I will be posting some tips about Christmas Marketing in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, you may contact NetRev Marketing if  you’d like to consult about creating a Digital Marketing Plan for your Christmas campaign.

So, cheers, we are 100 days away from Christmas!

christmas marketing campaign