Pursuing Passion to Live the Purpose is my blog’s new theme. And I will tell you why…

I am one of those people who pursued a passion in Entrepreneurship. I want to have time and financial freedom. Being a Christian almost all my life, my ultimate dream was to put up a business that makes a lot of money so I can volunteer full-time in church, go on mission trips, help people learn more about Jesus Christ. Since then, I have been educating myself on Stewardship so I can use God-given resources responsibly.

I have been making money online through Blogging and Affiliate Marketing since 2005 but I started an agency when I came back to the Philippines because I wanted human interaction. Making money sleeping was meaningless. Yes, I got more time but I didn’t know what to do with more time. So I pursued a business where I can hone my real-world skills and interact with people in the real world we live in. How can I share the Gospel if I was just always online. (Note that way back 2005, the internet is not like today where we can share the Gospel more easily.)

Working at a digital marketing agency, I only lasted 7 months in the corpo world because I guess I was not ready for waking up early, traveling to work everyday, and working on my desk all day. I also thought why am I stressing myself out if I know there is a way to work at my own pace, be more creative, and actually make more money.

And so I restarted my business life as a Freelance Consultant and Digital Marketer. I met clients and work with them on everything Digital Marketing related. It was good! I learned to be more sociable, I met new people. That was also the time I started to be active in church again, joining a new dgroup, attending Bible studies, serving in retreats and outreaches – places where I met even more people and made new friends. Some friends whom I met during this season of life are now some of my closest friends.

As I met more and more people from different walks of life, I became more aware of other things that actually happen in a real world. I learn more about life, I experienced some hardships, and there God reveals more about what He wants me to do, where I found my purpose in life.

Back in my early Christian life, I only thought of serving in church to please God. But then there is called the workplace or business ministry. And because God has blessed me with a business, I realized He also wants me to bless other people. Like hiring work at home parents, working students, and part timers who just need extra income. Having these people working with me taught me a lot of things too. That is when I wanted to strive harder so I can help create more jobs as an Entrepreneur.

But life was not easy. In business I learned so much about failing, not getting everything I want, learned how to deal with people, learned more about myself, my strength, weakness, my pride, and most importantly I learned how to be more grateful and content about my life. Some say I have a pretty easy life, but I can say, they do not know exactly what I have been through. Maybe yes, life was pretty easy for me in some ways, but I don’t have a perfect life for sure. I plan to share them sooner or later, because this blog will also about my personal life. Life is not always happy. But in the process, I learned how to deal with hardships.

12 Years and counting for my Entrep life

Having my own business is my passion. I had many ups and downs as an Entrepreneur but I continued pursuing this passion because I believe it will lead to my purpose.

At this point of life, we are scaling our company together with Business Partners and got teams working with us and I’m excited about this new phase in my business life. I am super blessed with the people I work with, some of them I don’t deserve but I praise God He put them in my life because I learn from them too. I hope and pray that God will lead our company that will create opportunities and that we will have a company culture that is pleasing to God.

22 Years of Christianity and walking with God

Knowing God for almost my lifetime is where I found my purpose. Being a Christian, I always knew that we must live a life that glorifies Him. But of course, many times in my Christian life I have failed Him.

This year, as a Christian, I am also stepping up to be a Dgroup Leader where I would lead a Bible study, introduce more people to Christ and start discipling ladies to know more about having a personal relationship with Jesus. I want to serve my purpose of serving others.

In this blog, I wanna share my passion for Entrepreneurship and my purpose as a Christian. Being an Entrepreneur with so many dreams and goals, life is not easy. I’ve tried to do a lot of things at the same time. I’ve faced a lot of challenges too. Not all people know the real struggles in my life because of course, I don’t want people to know. But then life is not about me, I want to share more about my life through this blog to show people how God is so gracious, so loving, and so faithful. I want to share the reality of success AND failure.

Later in my upcoming blog articles, I will be sharing more about struggles and failures as an Entrepreneur, as a person, and even as a Christian.

This article is to share to you why this is my blog’s tagline, it’s because I am in a point of my life where I want to be more serious in life.

Passion versus Purpose

Pursuing a passion is short term goal. It is passion that is an immediate gratification to do the things we want. I realized pursuing a passion can be selfish. Because we want to do things for ourselves. As an Entrepreneur, I want to pusue my passion because I want to make more money and have more time.

Pursuing a purpose is the long-term. What is my life’s purpose? Why do I exist? Purpose is not about me, it involves serving people.

When I learned what my passion is and I worked hard to achieve it, it was an endless cycle and I ended up wanting more because there was no finish line. Pursuing a passion created more desires because I want this, I want that. I can get that because I got this. I have a business that enables me to give to the church sending out missionaries, I served in ministries, now what? My success has been my failure when I got burned out and one day found it meaningless.

God has taught me a lot of things in the process. He woke me up one day and gave me a purpose in life. A purpose of creating a business to help people because His blessings overflow. I want to tell the world that my success is not because I worked hard, it’s all because of God’s grace. If not for God, when I failed, I will never had the courage to tell myself I can rebuild things. If not for my the people around we who encouraged and prayed for me, I will not have a good support system. If not for a team, we cannot work together for clients at NetRev.

Passion is WHAT. Purpose is WHY.

Pursuing passion to live the purpose is what fuels me to become a better Steward of God-given time and resources.

I can’t wait to backtrack my life a little bit and share how I got here. I still have bigger dreams and more goals in life, but I believe this is where God wants me to be. He wants me to grow better where He planted me. One at a time, things will fall into place.

So, this is a little bit about my story. Stay tuned for more!